Our Philosophy

Funky pies aims to address the way fast food impacts on the environment, you, the generation after you and so on and so on.

When you decide which pie is your favourite, and hence can't stop buying it, you can continue to munch away knowing that with every bite you will be reducing your carbon footprint by a whopping 90%....but wait there's more.

We believe that people should not be ripped off, so we ensure all our staff uniforms are made in sweat-shop free factories. Such a simple choice makes a huge difference to the lives of employees who may otherwise be (literally) working like slaves....but wait there's more.

We use biodegradable packaging in all our take away products, we will be the first company in Australia to use biodegradable coffee lids. Yep you pay more, a whole 5 cents, massive ey.....but wait there's more...

Our coffee is organic and fair trade, to ensure farmers get a 'fair go' too. The juices we stock are also all organic.

Funky pies will contribute a % of its yearly profits to several charities through a grant application process.

So, yep, we're trying pretty hard to do things in the most ecologically sound way, we're not interested in ripping off the planet to make a buck, and when you support us, you too will be supporting that philosophy.

Now go and order your pies and stock up on some good karma...

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