Faces of Funky Pies


Angie - Managing Director of Funkiness

What gave you the inspiration to start Funky Pies?

I've always wanted to manage my own business, my father has managed his own company for about 30 years now and I've seen the committment needed, but also the sense of freedom it has given him and our family so that definitely inspired me to start this journey.

Why Pies?

That's an easy one, who doesn't love a good pie? You don't have to be Aussie to enjoy a nice hot tasty pie with deliciously flaky pastry. You can get dodgy pies though, so I wanted to provide a product that was not only quick to cook and easy to eat, but a healthy alternative to the more common 'meat' pie where you are really not sure what part of an animal you are eating...mmm

Where to from here?

Funky Pies has taken on a life of its own, we now have our café which is an awesome little place to sit down and eat, however we also distribute over 500 scrumptious vegan goodies with an emphasis on chilled and frozen products. Our aim is to create awareness surrounding not only animal rights, but human rights as well.


Pang - Chief of the pies

Pang has been with Funky Pies for around 6 years, she is the one you see in our window early in the morning smashing out the pies. She's a true quiet achiever who, in her Funky timeline, has also had a gorgeous little girl. We're hoping to make things a little easier for Pang this year with potential automation. Pang is in a class of her own. 



Saija - Deliveries, Sales, Kitchen, Pies, she does it all

Saija spends her days in between the freezer (-18degrees C) and the kitchen (40degrees C) of Funky Pies.

Saija has been known to deliver products to Springwood and Wollongong in one day whilst dodging the wild Sydney traffic. She's one of the backbones of Funky Pies who you don't often see, but we wouldn't survive without her support of the sometimes heavy workload. She does not give up, she will go above and beyond to get the job done, and because of her, Funky Pies runs as smooth as possible. 



Maria Cote - Production supervisor

Maria joined Funky pies in January 2022, she is a well respected team member who takes alot of pride in her work, you will see her working each day at the Funky pies cafe, stirring the massie pots, serving customers, washing dishes (we all do alot of this) and keeping us all in check.



Carla - Production Assistant

Now known as Caramel Carlita, due to her many hours perfecting Funky Pies famous caramel slice, she is a key team member who is a very smiley, happy team member. When Carla is around then we know we all have to lift our game to keep up with her.


Saidy - Kitchen Hand

Saidy has just started with Funky pies in 2022, but has already provided us with a unique technique so as not to cry when cutting onions, so we love her already. She will be greatly appreciated in the kitchen going forwards.



Further Funky Reading.....

We need to get back to basics, to start to live and love without prejudice. If we can stop imparting actions onto others based on our assumptions based on our own experiences, then that is a start. Our own experiences create our own unique personality and own unique lifestyle choices. We need to step back next time we look upon others and their choices and stop right there. You can’t think ‘what would I have done’, because what you would have done is based on a million different things, least of all your own upbringing and the values (good and bad) that were instilled in you. So next time you hear a story, or see some news, or read the paper, or have to evaluate someone’s actions based on ‘traditional society’s principles’, Stop…… Don’t judge……clear your head of prejudices……then go from there..





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